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Au NIDaigle Bed & Breakfast

“Where It Feels Good to be Back” Climbing the stairs to your room, you gently take your wife's hand. Even after all these years, you still feel the same closeness you felt the day you were married. The 2 of you are on a romantic weekend to celebrate your anniversary, and you chose this B & B because of its honeymoon package. As you step into the Champagne Room, you discover that your hosts have thought of everything. A bouquet of flowers adorns the bedside table, and beside it, a bottle of cold sparkling wine awaits.In their gorgeous home in Saint-Basile, just 2 kilometres from downtown Edmundston, Norma and Félix Daigle thoroughly enjoy welcoming guests, and the many positive comments from returning guests reflect this.These 2 former Montrealers moved to Saint-Basile in 2003 with a view to opening their own establishment. They designed and built their home in a way that combines the intimacy of a Bed & Breakfast with the amenities of a hotel. Add a superb location in a region of New Brunswick famous for its outdoor-adventure opportunities, and you get a winning combination.Au NIDaigle has 4 guest rooms — the Champagne Room, the Bordeaux Room, the Pinot Noir Room and the Riesling Room. Each has its own private bath, air-conditioning, hardwood floors, satellite TV, wireless Internet and much more. The Champagne and Bordeaux rooms have private balconies with a magnificent view of the St. John River.In addition to great breakfasts in the spacious dining room, guests also have the opportunity of choosing from a selection of getaway experiences, which include specially designed honeymoon, golf, canoeing and ski packages. “We want our guests to experience all that we have to offer,” Norma says. “We want them to be happy, and to come back.”