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People who’ve been to New Brunswick know that there’s always somewhere exceptional to grab a bite to eat. No matter what part of the province you visit, there’s always farm to table produce, the freshest seafood imaginable and talented and passionate chefs ready to share the culture of New Brunswick through a dish created with love.

If you’re New Brunswick’s biggest fan or are planning your first trip, you’ve probably already headed to Google to scope out the highest rated finds. But the locals? They know that there’s options that showcase the culinary talents and freshest ingredients that New Brunswick has to offer. They know that some restaurants are more than just dining - they’re an experience.

Here are just a few restaurants that are sure to help you create a New Brunswick vacation or getaway full of flavours.

Seasonal Menus

One of the best parts of dining in New Brunswick is the abundance of local producers who supply produce, meat and seafood to local restaurateurs.

The restaurants below are places you can go again and again - with constantly changing menus, there’s always something new to fall in love with.

Little Louis

Little Louis is a high-end French restaurant ran by Chef Pierre A Richard offering a locally sourced seasonal menu. The dishes are expertly paired with wines and spirits and the restaurant is known for their oyster bar selection.

Brumes du Coude

Serving an elevated and modern French menu, Les Brumes du Coude is the perfect spot to go with a few friends and order the whole menu. Both the dinner and cocktail menus are seasonal so there’s always a whole new experience to be had visiting Les Brumes du Coude.

Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit describes their restaurant as small plates and a la carte dishes that provoke thought and create an experience. The drink and dinner menus change seasonally, but so does the venue decor. Chef Luc Doucet aims to create a holistic dining experience to personalize and perfect the experience to each dinner guest.

Rossmount Inn

The Rossmount Inn led by Chef Chris Aerni prioritizes local produce and ingredients ensuring that the dishes are as fresh and flavourful as possible. Known for their 7 course “trust the chef menu” as well as their rotating seasonal menus, The Rossmount Inn has a menu that is always changing to honour the freshest ingredients available.

Origines Cuisine Maritime

Located in Caraquet, Origines’ menu puts focus on hyper local and seasonal menu offerings. The dishes change by the week to ensure that guests get the freshest food possible. Taking his fine dining experience, Chef Ben Cormier has created a Maritime-inspired nod to fine dining complimented by a panoramic view of the Caraquet Bay.

Experiential & Unique Dining

One of the best ways to enjoy a great meal is to fully experience it. Go beyond a delicious dinner to a full experience. From cooking classes to tours to historic menus - check out these dining experiences in New Brunswick.

Farm-to-Table Dining and Cooking Classes

Farm to Table NB offers multiple culinary experiences ranging from interactive cooking classes to themed communal table dinners featuring local producers and venues. There’s no better way to learn about New Brunswick than by indulging in some of the freshest produce at the most serene NB venues.

Brix Experience

Offering culinary and cocktail classes as well as tasting menus, Brix is a venue offering high-end classes for the true foodies. Perfect for the experienced cooks and even people who are just learning. Brix focuses on modern and classic techniques and honours quality ingredients.

Taproom Trail

Spanning both sides of the Saint John River are 10 breweries and restaurants easily accessible by foot or bicycle. Pick up your passport-style map and go on a tasting experience throughout downtown Fredericton.

Jenna’s Nut-Free Dessertery

With an adult-onset allergy to nuts, Jenna from Jenna’s Nut-Free Dessertery has created a completely nut-free restaurant. With her Indigenous roots, Jenna focuses on a menu that is from-scratch, locally sourced, and that features elements from Indigenous culture like bannock and wild rice soup.

Kings Landing

King’s Landing is a blast from the past - featuring costumed wait staff and both traditional and modern fare, a stop at the Inn is sure to set the stage for traditional 1800's New Brunswick dining.

Shediac Bay Cruises: Lobster Tales

Shediac Bay Cruises offers an interactive lobster experience where you cruise along the Shediac Bay and learn about lobster fishing, how to cook and prepare a lobster. Followed by a delicious lobster meal with a licensed bar on board.

Village Historique Acadien : Table des Ancêtres Restaurant

Nothing is more comforting than a homemade, hearty meal! Enjoy the warmth of traditional dishes—just like Nana used to make—and discover the staples of classic Acadian cuisine. Situated in Dugas House (1867), Table des Ancêtres offers a chance to taste the region’s most famous dishes and even some sugar pie!

Menu Acadien

Menu Acadien specializes in homestyle Acadian foods like the famous poutine rapee, fricot and petes du soeur. Enjoy traditional Acadian foods in the heart of Acadian culture minutes away from Parlee Beach.