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Pack those bathing suits... sun, sand and saltwater swimming are headed your way.

Warmer than an Olympic swimming pool. Warmer than anything North of Virginia. And warmer than waters anywhere else in Canada.

Up to 29 degrees Celsius, in fact. (That’s 84 degrees Fahrenheit.) 

Yep, Canada’s warmest saltwater beaches are right here in New Brunswick. And we’re pretty sure there’s a looong, sandy stretch with your name on it.

How does the water get this warm, you ask?

It’s pretty simple, actually. Our warmest, sandiest beaches are on the Acadian coast. This runs along New Brunswick’s eastern border, from about Dalhousie to Murray Corner. The mid section of the shoreline hugs the Northumberland Strait, a shallow body of water that warms up quickly under the hot summer sun. Here you’ll find Kouchibouguac National Park, Parlee Beach and Murray Beach provincial parks, plus Bouctouche Dune, Aboiteau Beach, and more of Canada’s warmest saltwater beaches.

Kouchibogouac National Park


And there’s another reason it gets so warm, too. The Gulf Stream (a powerful, warm ocean current) originates from the tip of Florida and follows the Eastern coastline all the way up to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, off the Acadian coast.

Combine shallow waters with that nice warm current, et voilà! You’ve got the best beach destination in Canada.

Beach Towel


Sooo... are you all in for a summer vacay by the sea? Check out New Brunswick’s coasts for plenty of sizzling spots to park your beach chair and stay a while. (Be warned, though, you may never want to leave...)

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