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Our trails wind in every direction. Discover snowmobile adventures in all corners of the province this winter.

Prep your sled and get ready to explore. With New Brunswick’s extensive network of more than 8,000 km (5,000 mi.) of trails, here you can literally ride out right from your (or your hotel’s) backyard. Head out in any direction—north, south, east or west and you’ll find prime terrain, fantastic trails and welcoming warming huts maintained by local snowmobile clubs.

Snowmobiling near the Fundy Trail Parkway
Snowmobiling at the Fundy Trail Provincial Park

Coastal routes calling your name? Head south to the Fundy Highlands, an amazing stretch of terrain that’s got mountains, valleys, views, and incredible riding – including the Fundy Trail Provincial Park. This area enjoys good snow conditions thanks to the maritime weather and terrain elevation. To explore further, head east to the Caledonia Highlands on the Albert County trail network, or north on the Sussex area trails.

Adair’s Wilderness Lodge, near Sussex, is THE spot for your riding experiences in this area, east of Saint John and south-west of Moncton. Through valleys, ascending elevations, skirting cliffs, and reaching lookouts – this is a big ride and a big wow.

Snowmobiling in the Caledonia Highlands, near Kent Hills Wind Farm
Snowmobiling in the Caledonia Highlands

Want to go riverside? You’ve got two main routes to choose from – Miramichi and Saint John rivers. Each has a maze of trails weaving up, down, and around river valleys and their accompanying ridges – a rider’s dream.

The Saint John River Valley is home to a trail that hugs the Saint John as well as the Tobique Rivers, with villages dotted all along the way. East and north from there, there are trails near Miramichi, as well as throughout the areas that comprise the Christmas Mountains experience, Mount Carleton, and the fabulous Northern Odyssey Loop.

Whichever region you decide to explore, you’ll find prime snowmobiling terrain on powder or packed snow for an exhilarating or relaxing ride.



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