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Day trip from Edmundston. Ride the edge of the storied Saint John River, then up the Tobique river and through ancient Appalachian Mountains.

* Please check recommended businesses mentioned in this blog are open prior to your trip

Today we’re talking to Marie-Ève Martin from Edmundston. They've been riding since Summer of 2011.

What is your favourite motorcycle day-trip loop in New Brunswick?

My favourite route is along the Tobique river. It has breathtaking views. It’s a slow ride on the back roads, so you need a bit of riding experience to enjoy the ride at its best.

Route - Approx. 240 km (149 mi.)

About the route

Start in Edmundston. The amount of route choice and places to stop for this day trip make it awesome.

Starting in Edmundston you can either take the Trans-Canada Highway (Route 2) or Route 144 (next to the river) towards Grand Falls. 

In Grand Falls take Route 108 towards Drummond.

Just before Drummond, take Route 105 South (Undine road), this road is along the Saint John River. You will pass some small villages and then arrive at Tobique Narrows.

From here you can either:
- take Route 390 East to take the north side of the Tobique river
- continue along Route 105 South until you hit Route 109 East to take the south side of the Tobique river (note, they swap upriver at a bridge)

Both roads lead to Plaster Rock. After a drive through town, Main Street will turn into Route 108 West. That leads right back to Grand Falls.

From there you can take Route 144 for a scenic ride upriver, or hop on the Trans-Canada Highway for a faster trip back to Edmundston.

Tips for the trip

There are several gas stations and restaurants along the route so you won’t starve or run out of gas.

Some cool stops

Grand Falls:

Visit the Malabeam Information Centre at the Grand Falls Gorge. You can enjoy walking trails, an interpretation centre and a gift shop.

Get some food with a nice view at Pizza Boy or Hill Top Motel & Restaurant. Or if you want something more fancy, go to Le Grand Sault on Route 130. For a good canteen-style restaurant, go to Jack Fries also on Route 130. 

For microbreweries lovers there’s a new one in Grand Falls called Grand Falls Brewing at 651 Main street. 


On Route 105 you will pass K.A.R.L cycle shop. Stop by to hang out with the friendly owners, Karine and Roger.

Tobique Indian Reserve:

There are plenty of places to stop along the Tobique River and hydroelectric dam (Route 105).

There’s also a gas station on route 105 on the reserve. 

Plaster Rock:

You can’t miss the Irving gas station. 
Along this loop you’ll also see signs for Lake Edward, it is another optional loop to take.

Favourite part of the route

My two favourite spots are on the Tobique River, and both near each other. To see both, take the second option above to go on Route 109.

First one is a place on the Tobique riverside with tables, etc. The river is wide and looks more like a lake there.

The second one is going through the dam at the mouth of the Tobique River, JUST WOW, you can stop on the side of the dam to admire the river.

Looking forward to more adventures

There are several loops I haven’t done yet in NB. I’ve driven more in the Moncton and Edmundston areas. So I would like to explore the coast along the Acadian Peninsula, or the south of NB and Grand Manan Island.