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Feel more alive with every step 

The deeper you venture into the forested wilds, the deeper your sense of being refreshed. Our pure, natural world—its smells, sounds, and sights—has the power to renew you. Embrace it and chase it—with 80% forested land, New Brunswick is rich with opportunity both on and off the beaten path. However you travel, however you challenge yourself, you're rewarded with spectacular views of coastal vistas, dramatic seaside cliffs, diverse wildlife, and meandering rivers that cut through mountains. Feel that? You've found it: room to breathe.

Choose your own way.

Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or casual walker, you’ll find whatever your heart desires in New Brunswick. Family-friendly strolls, accessible trails, challenging hikes, multi-use urban trails, cycling trails, mountain biking trails, coastal and marshland boardwalks, interpretive trails, nature preserves, trails for horseback riding, snowmobiling, ATVing, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing

Signature trails

You won’t find these experiences anywhere else. Our Signature Trails create a particularly unique and memorable experience by reflecting the cultural and natural landscape of New Brunswick. They reflect a region’s most distinguishing views, natural features, culture, or heritage. Make a point of exploring at least one!